I am a health professions education scientist with an interest in understanding what health professionals do in the face of "indeterminate zones of practice": how they create knowledge in practice, and how professional knowledge and practice interfaces with systemic, structural, and social forces. I aim to explicate these tacit aspects of knowledge and practice toward informing health professions education and systems of care and practice. I formerly practiced as an educational audiologist and maintain my professional licensure as a clinical audiologist as well as focus my program of research in a pediatric integrated care context. 

I enjoy facilitating workshops, engaging in collaborative research, and presenting on a range of scholarly topics related to health professions education and practice, including: critical pedagogy, reflective practice, constructions and forms of knowledge, professional issues in audiology, written communication in educational audiology, everyday ethics, professional socialization.

My programmatic research focuses on epistemologies of practice (reflective practice and critical theories of practice) in the contexts of: compassionate and ethical care, and integrated care for children with disabilities

I employ primarly qualitative research approaches, particularly constructivist grounded theory, institutional ethnography, and critical social inquiry.