I am a health professions education scientist with a particular interest in tacit forms of knowledge - that is, what is known yet is difficult to put into words - and "knowledge work" in complex clinical contexts. In particular, I use qualitative methodologies to study the development and use of tacit knowledge by health care practitioners, and the hidden forces that practitioners must contend with in complex health and social care systems. I aim to explicate these otherwise overlooked aspects of practice toward informing health professions education and systems of care and practice. I formerly practiced as an educational audiologist and maintain my professional licensure as a clinical audiologist as well as focus my program of research in a pediatric integrated care context. I enjoy facilitating workshops, engaging in dialogue, and presenting on the topics listed below.


Areas of Scholarship: health professional education, tacit knowledge, knowledge translation, professional issues in audiology, interprofessional collaboration, written professional communication, educational audiology, school-based management of auditory processing disorder; Research Topics: epistemologies of practice, reflective practice, professional socialization, integrated care for children with disabilities; Research Approaches: constructivist grounded theory, institutional ethnography, critical social science approaches

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Primary Affiliations:

Director of Research, Centre for Faculty DevelopmentFaculty of Medicine, University of Toronto at St. Michael's Hospital


Education Scientist, Centre for Ambulatory Care Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto at Women's College Hospital


Assistant Professor, Dept. of Speech-Language Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto



Other Affiliations:

Faculty, Knowledge Translation & Mobilization Module, SIM-one Education Research Primer

Associate Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

Committee Member, Educational Audiology Association