AN14! Two sessions I'm excited to lead.

23/03/2014 22:51

Please join Dr. Ian Windmill, others, and me for Advancing Audiology Education. A Special Meeting. 10:30am Thursday Room 340A


and please join me for my featured session on Saturday at 10:30, Room 224AB.

FS409 - Toward a Community of Education Scholarship: Teaching and Learning in Audiology

Many audiologists and audiology faculty engage in teaching and learning activities. Yet "education scholarship" is often undervalued by institutions. This session will foster rich understandings of teaching and learning in health professions, and provide messaging about the added value of recognizing education scholarship as an area worthy of clinical or academic focus. Participants will learn the subtle but important distinction and synergistic relationship between education scholarship and education research, and approaches for pursuing each. A practical example of a teaching and education scholarship community of practice across health professions and teaching hospitals in the Toronto area will be shared.

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