Graduate Supervision

  I am currently recruiting graduate students in a variety of research areas. Please email me if interested.   

Please click here for a current PhD fellowship opportunity (funded).

Teaching Activities and Approach

I teach regularly in the seminars, workshops, and programs offered by the Centre for Faculty Development: including the Summer Education Institute and the Online Supplements for Education, and, which I co-founded. I will be teaching in The Wilson Centre Qualitative Research ateliers. And I am currently teaching Research and Service Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders. Current students can log in to the course at

While my current primary role is housed within the interdisciplinary field of health professions education, I strive to remain connected to the audiology community through academic and professional service and facilitation of presentations and workshops. My teaching approach engages participants in dialogue, stimulates critical reflection, and exposes new ways of seeing and thinking. Below, I share two sets of feedback that exemplify the ideals of my teaching and facilitation approach. The first set is in response to one of the first courses I taught to audiology and speech-language pathology students and the second is in resposne to a workshop I facilitated for practitioners. 

I had the opportunity to teach "Professional Issues and Practice Management" for audiology and speech-language pathology students in 2011. In this course, specific sessions included: Critical Reflection for Ethical Practice, Professional Identities, Interprofessional Representation through Written Reports, and many more.

Feedback from students included:

"You made this class fun and interesting. It was evident from the beginning how much effort and enthusiasm you put into this class. You provide a fresh perspective, fairly recent grad working clinically as well as doing a PhD...I have much respect for you. Thanks..."

"Stella was a fabulous instructor. Her lecture style (lots of Q&A and discussion time) made learning interesting and extremely applicable."

"Really wonderful instructor. I was initially sceptical of the usefulness of this course but the instructor went above and beyond to make this a great learning experience."

"Great job Stella. I really enjoyed the course. You were extremely approachable and this was one of my favorite courses I've ever taken. Thanks for all the effort you put in."

"Stella is a very dedicated and creative university instructor. She brings the topic to light with clinical experience and a unique perspective."

"I've never had a university professor be so passionate and enthusiastic about the very process of learning. Stella took every opportunity to instil and encourage the passion in us too..."

"Despite her unorthodox teaching style, Stella is by far the most passionate and engaging professor I've had ... her genuine concern for student growth made her the ideal instructor for this course. I'm positive she will be exemplary in her future endeavours."

I am ever grateful to the students of this cohort for their openness and enthusiasm, which helped rejuvenate my commitment to our professions and motivated me to continue to work, at times, against the grain.

Invited workshops

In addition to research presentations, I enjoy teaching and workshop delivery. One of my first invited workshops, in 2011 I had the privilege of delivering a half-day retreat for 1to1 Rehab in Toronto, ON. This retreat "Reflective Practice: Something New? ... Valuing YOU!" was made up of three related sessions, entitled:

  1. Professional Practice Knowledge & Expertise
  2. Reflective Practice 
  3. Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration 

Feedback from the event included:

" A vision of what could be."

"Spread the word to more people! Well done!"

"Professional presentation, very articulate and organized, and relevant to 1to1."

"New thinking, lively presentation, good pace."

"Tailored for 1to1."

"Easy to follow along and stay engaged with the speaker."

"Enjoyed the exploration without breaking into chaotic groups."

"Open, articulate, knowledgeable facilitator. Applicable examples. Engaging."

"I will be able to integrate this knowledge into current practice immediately."

"I liked the encouraging discussion, openness, and the vision for a community within 1to1."

Thank you to the professionals at 1to1 for welcoming me to their community for the day.